A Resource Center to Help People Heal One Another Through Connecting

Our Course

We have all experienced love and compassion from someone right when we needed it. Someone to sit with us or cry with us through heartache. Even more profound is if you have experienced being rescued from an imminent danger…I mean the underwear changing kind of danger. Scared, and begging for a miracle. Just like the Marvel movies where the guys with supernatural power show up just in time. Or, have you been so excited about something that you longed to share it with someone. We were made to connect with others. It is part of our DNA. 

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus…His rescue team for others. We are meant to be connected with each other.  Lee believed that when two people connect at the soul, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health. The one who receives experiences the joy of being healed. The one who gives knows the even greater joy of being used to heal. (Quote by L Crabb?)

Our course is designed to help you CONNECT when your heart hurts for someone who is hurting, and you are compelled to connect with them to help heal their pain.