Six-Steps Of Living-Connecting

The Art of Rescuing One Another

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus…His rescue team for others. We have been created and are meant to be connected with each other.  God said after He created Adam that it is not good for man to be alone. It’s the only part of creation that He said wasn’t good. So, He created a companion to enjoy life with… to laugh, enjoy life’s goodness, and, ultimately, to mourn and share in the pain and suffering together. Meaningful friendship with someone who really wants to understand you is life-giving. It’s a gift we all need and can give one another.

Dr. Larry Crab, a renowned psychologist, maintained that when two people connect with the soul, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health—the one who receives experiences the joy of being healed. The one who gives knows the even greater joy of being used to heal… this is the power of connecting!

When someone is hurting, external circumstances generally cause internal pain. We can’t always help with the external causes, but we can always help heal the soul if we know how to connect at the soul level and then commit to living-connected. For some, it seems to come naturally, but for most of us, we need to learn how to connect with hurting people from soul to soul. Lee Taylor was gifted and intentional about living and connecting with people who needed it. This site is dedicated to Leeboy and his superpower of connecting with hurting people in a soul-healing way.

Learning how to live connected is something we can all do. It’s what we were created for, a gift we can always give, and the world, especially now, needs us all to learn how to live this way.