Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Brene’ Brown

Unlock your God-given power to connect in a soul-healing, life-changing way with hurting people

We Help You Live-Connected in a Way That Heals Others

Become a Hero to Someone Who Needs Soul Healing Connection

Mend Your Marriage

Heal A Broken Heart

Repair Relationships

Rescue Hurting People

Learn How To Connect In A Way That Heals The Pain

We teach you the 6 steps to connecting with others in a way that heals.

This is a site with resources, tools, and practical guidance on how to connect in a soul-healing, life-giving way. A place where you can get insights and support from a community of others who believe that we all have the God-given ability and power to rescue each other in our brokenness.

We Give You a Roadmap to Overcome Any Fears of What to Say or Do to Help the Brokenhearted.

We should all experience love and compassion from someone right when we need it. When we are on our heels from a painful and sometimes tragic experience. We should all have someone to sit with us or cry with us through heartache and pain. When our hearts are broken or we are gripped by fear, It’s healing to have someone feel your pain and understand that you are hurting. We need to tell our story to someone who really cares and will listen, and encourage us.

Rescue happens when we meet the external needs of someone in pain, an even greater rescue takes place when we can connect our soul with their hurting soul in a way that brings healing.

Like a healing balm to an open wound, is someone who will sit with us, listen to us, validate our feelings, and even cry with us through our heartache or pain. They connect with our soul and we begin to feel our pain heal. It has something to do with the fellowship of suffering. When someone genuinely cares about our story and feels our pain. That sacrificial connection and shared experience is healing.

When two people connect with the soul, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health. The one who receives experiences the joy of being healed. The one who gives knows the even greater joy of being used to heal.

Dr. Larry Crabb

There is so much in life to accomplish, but we believe one of the most important missions in life on this side of Heaven is to connect with broken people in a way that can heal and nourish their souls. We can’t always help with external circumstances that are behind brokenness and pain, but we can help with the internal suffering that results. When we connect with one another in the right ways, healing of the hurting soul and brokenness takes place…no more guilt and shame; no more anger and frustration; no more feeling misunderstood or inadequate; no more fear and hopelessness; and no more feeling alone and disconnected.

most of us have never had any training in HOW to respond to hurting people, so we avoid them instead of running toward them.

That’s why we wrote this book. We want to help others realize the enormous benefits of connecting when it is done the right way… a way that heals the soul and rescues. Once you learn the six Steps of Living-Connected, your life will never be the same.

This book is in honor of Timothy Lee Taylor Jr. who lived a life of pain and suffering and died at the young age of thirty-six, but not before he taught us about the Healing Power of Living-Connected. His pain gave him a unique insight and perspective that shaped him into a Superhero. One who went around rescuing broken people with hurting hearts. Read more about his story here!

Understanding How to Live-Connected

Living connected is counterintuitive, so it will take understanding How to live connected and then being intentional about living that way. Here is a list to memorize as a place to start. Study each one, and like anything else, practice it in order to get better at it. Remember, this is life-changing for you and for those that need you.

What To Do? The Six Steps