Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We Are a Resource Center to Help People Rescue Hurting People

People want to connect in meaningful ways but simply don’t know how

What if we aren't looking for advice but instead need someone to share our suffering and feel our pain?

Rescue happens when we meet the external needs of someone in need, but perhaps an even greater rescue occurs when we can connect our soul with their broken and hurting soul in a way that brings inner healing. This understanding and empathy are the keys to truly connecting with others.

God made us to connect with Him and with others. Each of us has been designed to be vital to God’s rescue team.

It’s why we believe one of the most important missions in life on this side of Heaven is to connect with broken people and give them the gift of sharing their painful stories. We can’t always help with the external circumstances behind brokenness and pain, but we can help with the internal suffering that results. When we connect with one another in the right ways, healing occurs.

Furthermore, we believe people want to connect in meaningful, healing ways, but we don’t know how. Feeling inadequate in these situations is natural, but your presence and empathy can provide comfort. Sadly, most have never had any training in HOW to respond to hurting people.

That’s why this site was created. We want to help others realize the enormous benefits of connecting when it is done the right way… a way that heals the soul and rescues.