The Lee Taylor Story

Timothy Lee Taylor Jr. transitioned to Heaven on April 29th, 2021, at the age of 36. He raced ahead, leaving us far too soon, but not without leaving an indelible mark on the world for all who had the privilege of knowing him.


 Leeboy, as affectionately known by his friends, embodied magnanimity—generous in overlooking injury, high-minded, and unselfish. He left an enduring imprint wherever he went in his short yet impactful life. Counted on to love the broken, defend the unfairly treated, and encourage those in need, Leeboy’s essence resonated in these selfless acts.

     Lee Taylor defied conventional descriptions as a father, son, husband, brother, caring companion, and loyal friend. His faith was contagious, compassion unmatched, and charisma illuminated every space he entered, be it a room, a home, or an entire neighborhood. Being with Lee meant being overwhelmed by his genuine nature. He loved everyone and was loved by everyone in return. His focus, despite living in chronic pain for over two decades, remained on learning, growing, helping, and loving others.

     Lee’s belief in the power of soul connection was profound. He understood that when two people connect at the soul, healing occurs, pouring something transformative from one into the other. He believed in the joy of being healed and the greater joy of being the instrument of healing.

     Despite his struggles, Lee’s broad search for truth led him to the conviction that connecting at a soul level had the power to heal and restore. His life imperfectly lived at times, reflected the grace that transforms imperfect efforts into perfected endeavors through Christ.

     Encounters with Lee left an indelible mark, turning on lights, pricking emotions, providing new visions, connecting with souls, and reigniting zeal for life. Pain, a gift no one wants, made Lee more empathetic, transparent, and attuned to others’ stories, fostering a larger capacity to love and care.

     Connecting with others in a soul-healing way became Lee’s mission, an antidote to pain that liberated him from its bondage. His experience inspired him to better understand hurting people and motivated him to free others from pain.

     God’s gift of 36 years with Leeboy is forever cherished. While death leaves an unhealable heartache, Leeboy’s love creates eternal memories. In the pictures, he is captured with his daughter, Raylin Eudelia Taylor; his wife, Gracie; and their son, Amari Lee Taylor, born six months after Leeboy’s journey to Heaven.

Leeboy Hugs

Leeboy Hugs

Leeboy was well known for his hugs. They were a distinct experience and unforgettable, extending beyond familiar faces to embrace even strangers. Though initially uncomfortable for some, these hugs left a lasting impression. They were not just simple gestures but powerful messages—”You are valuable, I see you, and I care about you.”

Imagine a hug that envelops you fully, where time seems to slow down, and the world outside fades away. Leeboy’s hugs had that magical quality. As his arms wrapped around you, it felt as if he was offering a sanctuary from life’s chaos, a momentary escape where you could truly be yourself.

These embraces became a source of healing, complementing soul-to-soul connections. They were an affirmation of existence, a silent but eloquent way of saying, “You matter.” In those moments, Lee’s hugs conveyed a profound appreciation for people, a recognition of their inherent worth and uniqueness.

His hugs emphasized the importance of expressing love and care for others, reminding us that human connection is a powerful balm for the soul. The warmth of his embrace would linger long after the hug ended, leaving behind a sense of peace and belonging.

Leeboy’s hugs were a testament to the transformative power of genuine human contact. They were a heartfelt message that transcended words, encouraging us all to reach out, connect, and hold each other a little longer.


Leeboy Shoes

Leeboy Shoes

LeeBoy Shoes isn’t just a brand; it’s a celebration of individuality and diversity. Inspired by Leeboy, a natural unifier who drew everyone in with his unique, counter-cultural outlook, our shoes are designed for those who dare to be different.

Leeboy’s hallmark was his love for mismatched shoes. To him, mismatched shoes symbolized uniqueness and a statement against conformity. He saw the beauty in the unexpected, believing that, just like mismatched shoes, people with different backgrounds and perspectives can come together to create something truly special.

Leeboy encouraged everyone to embrace their differences and to see them as strengths rather than flaws. His mismatched shoes became a trademark, a cool and bold fashion choice that stood out and made a statement. He believed that diversity in fashion, just like in people, is something to be celebrated.

In tribute to Leeboy’s legacy, we’ve created LeeBoy Shoes to honor his love for uniqueness. Each pair is inspired by the idea that the best matches are often the most unexpected ones. Our high-top canvas shoes are designed for those who want to stand out, make a statement, and celebrate their individuality.

Whether you’re walking the streets of the city, hanging out with friends, or making your mark on the world, LeeBoy Shoes are for you—the trendsetters, the rule-breakers, the ones who aren’t afraid to be different. Embrace the cool mismatch, celebrate diversity, and step out in style with LeeBoy Shoes.

LeeBoy “Amari” Shoes

Amari’s: The name Amari’ has African origins and means “strength.” Named after Leeboy’s son, these shoes remind us of how strong Lee was to battle 20 years of chronic pain with a degenerative spine. Put these on when you need to feel strong!

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