Celebrate Your Uniqueness with LeeBoy Shoes

Just Arrived: Our LeeBoy Brand Shoes! Hey there, trendsetters and rule-breakers! At LeeBoy Shoes, we’re all about celebrating individuality and diversity. Inspired by Lee (Leeboy), a guy who drew everyone in with his unique, counter-cultural outlook. Our shoes are designed for those who dare to be different, just like Lee himself. Lee had a vision […]

LeeBoy Hugs

April 29th, 2024, will be the three-year anniversary of Lee’s “Homegoing” to spend eternity with Jesus, family, and friends (old and new). He wakes up every day filled with joy and eternal pleasures (Psalm 16:11). That’s what he’s been experiencing since his passing. For us…not so much. I don’t think he misses us or longs […]

“Incrementalism” Can Bring Us Together

America has not been this divided and disconnected since the Civil War. We live in an “Us vs Them” view of solutions to social problems. Opposing solutions that require big changes in the way we see things are not working. But, maybe by focusing instead on small changes that build upon one another, over time we […]