Be Present and Listen

Being Present is a Gift!

Paying attention when someone else is speaking is a learned behavior for most of us. We have all experienced a conversation with someone who isn’t fully present. It can be disheartening and shut down any vulnerability. It often confirms that the disinterested listener is more concerned and focused on themselves and what they have to say in reply. Or worse, they are not genuinely there to connect or help.

Even when they are making eye contact, which is the first step in being present, a wandering mind often exacerbates the hurt and isolation someone may be feeling.

When we come to a conversation without being fully committed to hearing what the other person has to say and with the goal of replying, our thoughts will begin to wander away from the conversation or toward a response to something we heard.

Being present means being fully conscious of the moment and free from the noise of internal dialogue. The only agenda, when connecting soul to soul, is to be fully attentive to what the other person has to say with the goal of entering into and understanding their story.

When you are willing and committed to rescuing someone who is hurting, being fully present is the first step.