Our Purpose

When two people connect with the soul, something is poured out of one and into the other that has the power to heal the soul of its deepest wounds and restore it to health. The one who receives experiences the joy of being healed. The one who gives knows the even greater joy of being used to heal.

Dr. Larry Crabb

We Are a Resource Center to Help People Rescue Hurting People

A Resource Center where one can learn the value of connecting with others in a way that heals. Hopefully, you know the powerful impact of a friend who connects with you in your time of need. But, do you know how to be that friend to others?

This is a site with resources, tools, and practical guidance on how to connect in a soul-healing, life-giving way. A place where you can get insights, and support from a community of others who believe that we all have the God-given ability and power to rescue each other in our brokenness.

We have all experienced love and compassion from someone right when we needed it. Someone to sit with us or cry with us through heartache and pain. It’s healing. We all want someone to feel our pain and understand that we are hurting. God’s Rescue happens when we meet the external needs of someone in need, and then an even greater rescue when we can connect our soul with their broken and hurting soul in a way that brings inner healing.

Even more profound is if you have experienced being rescued from an imminent danger…I mean the underwear-changing kind of danger. Scared, and begging for a miracle. Just like the Marvel movies where the guys with supernatural powers show up just in time.

Or, you have been so excited about something that you longed to share it with someone? We were made to connect with others. It is part of our DNA. 

Being made to connect is one of the results of being made in God’s image. Each of us has been designed to be a vital part of God’s rescue team. Therefore, we instinctively share our Creator’s passion for life and connecting with one another. There is so much in life to accomplish, but I believe the most important mission in life on this side of Heaven is to connect with broken people and bring them the gifts of perspective and encouragement. We can’t always help with external circumstances that are behind brokenness and pain, but we can help with the internal suffering that results. When we connect with one another in the right ways, healing takes place. Furthermore, we believe that people want to connect in meaningful, healing ways, but we simply don’t know how.

Have you ever avoided going to a funeral because you didn’t know what to say? Have you avoided an encounter with a homeless person or a corner beggar because you didn’t know what to say? Have you seen someone in obvious distress, alone and looking lost, identifying with them, hurting for them but you don’t know what to do or say, so at best you say a short prayer for them and go on? Have you known that you need to reach out to someone who is grieving but you don’t because you feel so inadequate to help? 

We have done one or all of these, way too many times. Sadly, we’ve never had any training in HOW to respond to hurting people, with our only training coming from having been that hurting person at times.

People want to connect in meaningful ways but simply don’t know how.

That’s why this site was created. I want to help others realize the enormous benefits of connecting when it is done the right way… a way that heals the soul and rescues. To make this site a resource for all, we need your help. Spend some time with it and contribute from your experience where we fall short. When we all contribute with and from our connections, we all can find healing from the inside out.

What To Do?

Living-Connected is counter-intuitive, so it will take understanding How to Live-Connected and then being intentional about living that way. Here is a list to memorize as a place to start. These “Steps” are a progression towards helping hurting people heal by telling their painful stories to someone who cares enough to pause and focus on them. Study each one and like anything else, practice them in order to get better at it. Remember, this is life-changing for you and for those that need you.

Step 1. Be Others Focused & Available

Step 2. Be Present & Listen

Step 3. Be Curious & Interested

Step 4. Be Empathetic & Compassionate

Step 5. Be Encouraging & Hopeful

Step 6. Be Connected To God