Everyone Has a Story They Need To Tell

Our Stories:

In this journey called life, each one of us carries a story within us. It’s a story that unfolds through various experiences, challenges, and moments of joy. Our stories shape who we are and how we perceive the world around us. But what happens when our stories take a painful turn? How do we navigate through adversity, brokenness, suffering, and grief? And most importantly, how can we find healing and connection amidst the struggles?

Adversity: The Unavoidable Journey:

Adversity is an inherent part of the human experience. Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we will all face moments of adversity in our lives. It could be the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, financial struggles, or physical and emotional pain. Adversity has the power to shake us to our core, leaving us feeling lost and broken.

Response to Pain and Brokenness:

When faced with pain and brokenness, our natural inclination may be to disconnect. We isolate ourselves, building walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from further hurt. We may become disappointed, angry, irritable, or self-focused. Blame may enter the picture as we try to find someone or something to hold responsible for our suffering. We may even keep our pain hidden, burying it deep within us, which can lead to emotional wounds and even depression.

The Power of Telling Our Story:

In the midst of pain, there is a profound need within us to tell our story. We long for someone who will listen and truly understand our struggles. We crave empathy and validation—to be seen and understood. It is through the act of sharing our pain that we begin the healing process. However, we often face a challenge: the fear that no one will be as interested in our story as we are.

The Gift of Soul-Healing Connection:

While it’s true that everyone has their own story, there is incredible power in being interested in someone else’s story. When we take the time to genuinely listen and engage with another person’s pain, we offer a precious gift: a soul-healing connection. This connection goes beyond mere sympathy or surface-level empathy. It is a sacrificial act of love that acknowledges the depth of someone’s suffering and validates their experiences.

Becoming Sensitive, Empathetic, and Attentive:

As we navigate our own pain and brokenness, we have the opportunity to grow in sensitivity, empathy, and attentiveness. Our experiences can shape us into individuals who are more attuned to the struggles of others. We become better listeners, more understanding, and more compassionate. Through our own journey, we learn to prioritize what truly matters and become more grateful for the blessings we have.

Perseverance with Hope and Gratitude:

In the face of adversity, we can help others persevere with hope and even gratitude. By sharing their stories with someone who genuinely cares without opinions and judgments, hurting people can feel the healing power of being seen, heard, and understood. Sharing in their suffering validates their pain without having to agree with them. It’s a gift of connectedness that evokes encouragement and hope.


In a world where pain and brokenness are all too common, the power of soul-healing connection cannot be underestimated. Everyone has a story, and every story deserves to be heard, understood, and valued. As we journey through life, let us strive to be individuals who are interested in the stories of others. Let us extend the gift of soul-healing connection, offering empathy, understanding, and love. In doing so, we not only bring the joy of healing to others but can also experience the joy of being used in their healing.  What a wonderful way to live!

One thought on “Everyone Has a Story They Need To Tell

  1. As I was reading this (in my office), an employee popped in to say hey. He said he saw me (not on the phone) and wanted to acknowledge me. I say “Hey”, then turned back to this blog. Then it hit me, “Did I just lose the opportunity to lean in?” I think I did. Not that the employee was bothered by anything, but how would I know? Reading about “Living – Connected” is a reminder that this world is not about me! Thank you for the reminder, Tim and Susan. I think I’ll go back to the employee and spend a few more minutes. 🙂

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